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I promise to never do it again

I called Meghan wasted. My bad girl. 

I started drinking yuengling because the liquor store was closed. I met Billman up the street and we did shots of goldschlager at the wooden nickel. I came back home and drank 7 beers in quick succession. Billman and I went to billy's did some shots of I don't remember. Goldschlager probably. Then we met Shane and thats when I started acting like an asshole. Ooops my bad. I screamed at Matt and Malachi for a long time. Nothing you could make out, not that I was slurring. I just opened my mouth and kept making big sounds at them. AHHHHHH. So then I passed out in the corner and forgot to set my alarm still woke up in time for work. I am a retard oh my god somebody please shoot me.


This is what I did:
got really really drunk
walked to meet shane
barely walked home
got halfway up the stairs to my house and started to pass out.
billman and shane come in with some chick dusty.
shane says- say hi to dusty jess
me- half pick up my face from the stairs shiiiiii dushty
me-fall to the bottom of the stairs
Matt and Malachi come downstairs to pick me up and i start flailing my limbs around at them screaming at them to leave me alone.
This is when I started making noise like a  siren whoooooooooooooooooooooo whooooooooooooooooo really obnoxious and loud.
The next morning gabe tells me how dusty went to use the bathroom and when she was coming out ariana's head popped up in gabe's room and she is saying help me help me! The girl runs out and grabs gabe and is all like what is that?!
Gabe told her it was a baby.
 Thats Ariana's new thing help me help me when someone is changing her diaper. Help me help me when she wants to get picked up and put in gabes room. help me help me whenever it is not appropriate.
If you do something that annoys her such as putting on her clothes, brushing her hair, picking her up when she doesn't want to be its OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW
when I rinse her hair she says alright! alright! alright! She doesn't like it.
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