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wooden chair.

A friend once told me, you have use it. I plan to do exactly that. 

When I look at the entries of my youth I realize that they are pretty fucking funny. Who knows what I will think of myself in 3 years from now.

What's going on in this life. Ariana is 2 she is a hellion, she likes to make huge messes

Troy Derino just called me, but his name was really Troy Greeno. I work as an eServices Fulfillment Specialist...that sounds so dirty.

This Week:
Ariana threw a book at my face and almost broke my nose, laid me flat on my ass had a big bump on my nose.
Ariana stabbed Malachi right next to his eye with a straw, still hurt I guess.
Ariana ran across the room screaming FUCK YOU when Malachi threw her firetruck.
Ariana took off her shit diaper last night at like midnight and got shit everywhere.
This is not a normal child. At least she listens, I am the one who told her to tell Malachi off for throwing her truck.
I am attempting to keep her sleeping in her bed and leave it up to her to not get out of it...its not working, we had a shit storm last night.

I just shaved last night and my legs are already hairy again.

I like metal.

My eye itches.

I have so many stories I just don't know which are appropriate for this entry.

So, when I moved to Oil City into this shit shambled house that needed to be fixed up I found out my neighbor took a whole bunch of shit out of the house and apartment out back before we got there. I saw him outside. He had one leg. He had no teeth. He had a wife that was like 30 years younger than him. I told him to give me my shit back. One of the things he stole was a grill, I says to him where is my shit? He plays dumb. I want my grill back. Now. Listen, its a propene grill and I wouldn't want you to have another accident. He gave me my shit back. Except for the scaffolding which he already sold. How does a one legged man climb in and out of an 8 foot window with heavy ass scaffolding?! I was impressed. So I let him keep the tent. I wound up working with the guy at the grease brothers. It was cool I made him give my cigarettes all the time. You NEVER lose people in this town. EVER.
You will run into anyone you're avoiding before 2 weeks pass. I promise.

How about the day I met Kara Coogan?
Next day after the grill incident. We obviously can't live in that house so we start renting another one 3 bedrooms 300  a month. Should have just given up the house at that point lived really cheap 300 a month! So anyways. We have this huge ass budget truck like 100 feet long 100 feet tall and Sharon is just crashing into shit left and right. Yet, she must drive the truck. It must be her. DUMB. Never mind the fact that I am 4-5 inches taller than her, that can't help. That can't work. So she crashes a car at my old apt building drives away. Then when we are coming down the street to this new house THIS CHICK CRASHES INTO SOMEONE ELSES CAR COMING AROUND THE CORNER jacked the bumper all up and tail lights and shit. So anyway we gotta give this guy cash blah blah blah he takes the cash and never fixes it...Oh well. So we start moving all of our stuff inside and then all of a sudden we got dude in front of the house slam on his brakes and come stomping up the yard WHAT ARE Y'ALL DOIN IN MAH HOUSE THIS MAH HOUSE WHERE MY STUFF AT? His stuff was all garbage and it couldn't have been all his stuff, I'd be surprised if it was 25% of his stuff. THEN we tell him yo calm down dawg its not our fault landlord told us to clean it out move in. first months free. You call him. So he does.  Dude asks me to move his car thats sitting in the middle of the street. I say sho. I get in the car.
This bitch is alllllllllllll fucked up pupils 2 different sizes legs splayed on the dashboard crazy eyes. Looks like some combo of crack ecstacy and heroin. You don't forget what that looks like.  She says who the fuck are you? I say I'M FUCKING JESSICA PETKUS MAN. where da bood at? she like FBI. FBI. FBI. I tell her calm down bitch I ain't the FBI. She like ok. I say u crazy girl p. I start working with her 2 weeks later. I now know that it was a crazy ass time in her life she's clean now but an alcoholic. I love alcoholics.  

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